“Yeachin Tsai and Her Art”

Sylvie G. Covey

Walking Dragon, 2003, lithography

Yeachin Tsai was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan. She graduated in 1987 from National Taiwan Normal University with a BFA. Although she was already an artist at heart, her deep interest in people and humanity sidetracked her: she worked for two years in Taiwan as a photojournalist for a variety of magazines and newspapers.
Her subjects were always directed towards people, minorities, tribes, the expressions of feelings and emotions, and the condition of mankind. She learned much while traveling all over Taiwan. Her experience in photojournalism and photography deeply changed her internally. Viewing the world through people only, Yeachin started to view art as a communication language, and decided the art world was a privilege to earn.
A desire to open to the rest of the world prompted her to move to New York City in 1993, where she enrolled at CUNY Brooklyn College and received a MFA in 1995. In 2001 she enrolled at the Art Students League of New York where she still pursues her studies in Printmaking…

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